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Baby portable bed and pillow

Baby portable bed and pillow

One of the first things that come to our minds when thinking about newborns and their sleeping habits is … how can we keep our baby safe through the whole night (or nap time). Is the baby comfortable? Is he/she breathing? If something falls inside/ outside the crib, will the baby wake up?

New parents and not so new ones have in common restless nights due to interrupted sleeping while raising a newborn. Therefore, our main goal is to look for ways for our baby to have a long and steady sleep time that will allow parents to get some sleep too!

My mom has a lot of pictures that prove how when I was a baby (a long time ago) there were no such things as adjustable pillows, blankets or even a teddy bear in my crib. I asked my mom why? And she said that she made sure nothing was around me because she kept thinking about all the dangers of me turning into a pillow and not being able to breathe.

Times have changed, but parent’s concerns are still the same. Along with the technology and medical advancements, new products are out in the market, which will make newly parents’ life a little bit easier.

The “Baby Portable Bed and Pillow” is a practical and useful product, that has shown to not only improve the baby sleep experience but the baby’s health. How? Let’s review it!

While using the “Baby portable bed and pillow”, the baby’s head and back will always be in the correct position, this means no flathead and a noticeable improvement on his/her neck strain. 

This “non-flat” head pillow has a nice uterus shape, so it will be a natural and familiar shape that will help the baby feel safe and sleep better. There’s nothing better than sleep while feeling protected by Mom … and of course Dad!

This shape is also designed not to allowing the baby to roll over in bed, giving us an extra hand when trying to avoid this action. On that same thought, it is important to say that nothing beats the care and comfort parents provide to their kids, this product was designed to make parents feel safer when helping their little ones grow up safely.

Let us help you to make your parenting life a little easier with our well-designed products!

While writing this blog I did some research on the do and don’ts when putting our babies to sleep, here are the best articles I found:

And remember all we need is that pure love that only you as a parent can provide…we commend you and appreciate all the efforts you do, so we hope this “Baby Portable Bed and Pillow” help your family to have a good night sleep.

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