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Expecting baby? Definitely you have to read this.

Expecting baby? Definitely you have to read this.

Why is my newborn baby still crying??

When we came home with our first baby Alex, he often cried and ate poorly. Soon we started to be frustrated, asking ourselves what we were doing wrong. He used to sleep in short periods, and when he woke up, he would begin to cry. So my wife breastfed him for a few seconds, and he fell asleep again. This was repeating in a circle for a few days, and my wife was exhausted and had absolutely no energy. Maybe you would be surprised that there were a few simple things which we didn’t realize. Check out our new blog and read more.


As I have written, we were terrified by something being wrong. However, Alex had no evidence of illness or any digestive problems. Simply his sleeping was poor and eating, too, and he cried A LOT!!!

After a few days, we started searching for information about what was going on almost everywhere. Friends, moms, colleagues, Google (obviously), and found out this fundamental thing, and you would not believe me what it was. You will be surprised how simple the solution is. 

But let me describe it step by step.

Once you successfully make a baby, it is developing inside the mother's womb. That is the only environment the baby knows. He or she never sees and feels anything else. There is darkness. There is warmth. It is a tight, cozy place with rocking (when mom is walking). There is shushing as the mother’s blood circulates in her veins, muffled mother's voice, and there is no air and no space. This is what it looks like inside and how the baby knows it.

Suddenly, there comes the “D” day! Somehow the baby is pushed out from his natural surroundings. The whole environment changes in a minute, and everything the little baby knows from his entire life is gone. No darkness, just the daylight or lamp, no warmth just room temperature, no tight cozy place just free space, no rocking just moving from one bed to another, no shushing just a lot of strange sounds. The mother’s voice is different, sharper. Is it really her? Suddenly the baby has to breathe because there is only air around =======> Simply it is all about stress. The little tiny, small, cute baby is stressed out and has no ability to talk or even to control hands, legs, head…. It can only Cry!

How to avoid that? It is simple. Bring back all those feelings the baby knows well. Bring back that well-known environment. Make it warm, cozy, rocking, shushing again. How? 

Once we started to swaddle Alex, he calmed down and started to eat more. To make him fall asleep, we were rocking him on our knees and shushing at the same time. He slept much longer afterward. For the first few days, we kept him in a place with dim, warm light close to his mom. So we mimicked the womb environment. As he was swaddled, it fixed his hands and legs, so they stopped moving freely without control. That is a cozy place. Rocking simulates mothers walking and shushing blood circulation. Such simple steps saved us, and Alex started to eat, sleep and become a good boy :)

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