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Expecting your first baby?

Expecting your first baby?

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As a father of three kids, I passed through the stress times expecting our first baby Alex and of course I enjoyed the love times hanging out and jamming with all our kids as well.
But I remember, expecting the first baby, all pregnancy, raising and parenting comes to me stressful. I literally made a pray with a promise whatever bad has to happen to my kid rather let it happen to me. It was made and still pending especially in relation to diseases because my mother and younger brother passed away with cancer. 😥

Simply I was not sure if I am serving the best in almost any parenting situations we have met and when I look back I think that times must be stressful. In reality, there was not too much time to think about feelings in that period, all I wanted to do was to be the best dad and provide the best care to my little one as I can. Prepare all the things for birth and rising and don't underestimate anything. We read a lot and made our studies about all possible situations because we knew that not recognized signal or caused an issue by irresponsible approach can later lead to a serious problem. So why not avoid it if we can?

Now we have nice healthy three kids Alex, Camila and Natasha and my message to all first parents is "Don't panic!". Read, learn but don't be stressed. Use common sense and natural feeling and all will be just fine. There are plenty of useful products on the market which helping you with parenting and making it less stressful and more fun. Just like in our store. This is what we want to support. Make your parenting more fun!  😂🤦‍♂️💕😜🤹‍♂️ 




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