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Fluoride & Baby’s Health

Fluoride & Baby’s Health

There are a lot of articles , posts & studies in regards to pregnancy do’s & don’ts. 

Some of the most followed advices come from our moms, grandmas & best friends who are already moms! But, something we agree on is that at the end of the day they just want our best! Speaking about do’s and don’ts I found this great article about an anti-fluoride diet. Have you heard/read about this? Let’s take a look to the info we found!

Fluoride - we automatically think about teeth, right? At least it happened to me! All these fluoride tooth paste advertisements. But did you know that fluoride is being added to the water we drink?  Fluoride can be found in nature but it can also be synthetically created and added into the water with the goal of decreasing teeth decaying  rate. So, it has this important part in helping kids teeth function. But, it’s also important to know how too much fluoride can lead to a lot of health issues. And lately it’s being reported how this can affect a baby’s IQ, when during pregnancy time , Mom drinks a lot of this fluoride water.

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