Get to know a little bit more about InOutCool

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Get to know a little bit more about InOutCool

Get to know a little bit more about InOutCool

InOutCool’s motto is: we are here to help you make parenting life easier with products that will never ever replace parents care but, can give you an extra set of hands.

We try to do this not only by offering you a variety of products that you can buy online but also a percentage of the profit we generate goes directly to an amazing organization that helps families with kids who experience serious illnesses. If you are in this position or know someone that is, you’ll agree with us that every % helps, not only physically but it gives parents a little bit of peace of mind.

Again, this will not cure sickness but can help, since donations are used to buy medicines, equipment, etc.

The organization we are talking about is Merlin’s Magic Wand, and we would love to tell you a little bit about them!

“The Charity provides tickets and fund travel grants to families to enjoy their day at a Merlin Entertainments’ attractions, such as LEGOLAND Resort® theme parks, SEA LIFE Centres, and Madame Tussauds.

On our magical days out, families have a chance to create long-lasting memories and take valuable time out from their stressful. Also, working with our local communities at hospitals and hospices to bring the magic to the children wherever they are and spell three is "Merlin’s Magic Spaces" designing and creating amazing projects in hospitals, orphanages, learning Centres and more all around the world”

Read more about this charity at 


Next time you place an order keep in mind how YOU will helping families in need and making a little one smile!


Thank you for buying with us


InOutCool Team

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