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#positivedisruption in Africa

#positivedisruption in Africa

This week’s blog is about one of my favorites topics. It has to do with improving our educational system and providing better opportunities for kids around the world. The blog is related to a new social movement called #positivedisruption in Africa.

Strive Masiyiwa is a philanthropist who has dedicated a lot of effort contributing to improve education, health and tech development. Along with his wife, they have helped over 40,000 orphans in Africa by providing also scholarships every year.

Its all about opportunities, those chances in life that you only get once – if you are lucky. We all fight to follow our dreams and become our better version. But what happens when you don’t even get that small chance to fulfill your dreams? Is there something we all can do to achieve our goals and help other ones?

Education is far more than a title, it is the general knowledge of things, the way we deal with life, what helps us keep going in this crazy life. It’s a combination of book knowledge – family moral standards – beliefs, etc. And this is the reason why new teaching methods come up everyday to help us educate kids in better ways.

What about those amazing ideas we have? Is there a way we can materialize them? Have you heard of the six African ventures that made it onto Time Magazine’s 50 Genius Companies List? Did you know about the battery-powered WI-FI modem bringing the internet to remote areas? Or the Nigerian startup that provides expectant mothers with pregnancy-related information and contacts? Just to name a few.

There are a lot of opinions about what is good education, what is the best way to impart knowledge in this digital area? What would you say it is? Is there a one that catches your eye?

Is there a better way we can impulse education in a way will allow better jobs in the future?

One of humanity goals is to improve technology, health and the way we all live. But can we be part of a change, where not only the privilege classes will benefit, but all people around the world?

We invite you to read more about #positivedisruption in Africa and share your thoughts with us.


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