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Pregnant Car Seat Clip ... Should I get one???

Pregnant Car Seat Clip ... Should I get one???

Sunday …  It was a nice sunny warm day here in NY, surrounded by family, friends and a really good brunch. We were not sure about walking, some of us wanted to drive and some others wanted to walk, at the end, we all walked. On our way back home, we heard a loud noise. We all turned around and witnessed a car accident. One nervous, angry and frustrated men jumped out from his car, to check on his two beautiful daughters sitting in the back. There were no kids in the other car. - You’ll be happy to know the two girls were just fine.

What’s the point of the story?

It is that we never know when a driver will make a prohibited u-turn or a reckless action that can put our lives in danger. And that’s why it should be our priority to take care of the life of those we love the most.

How can we make sure we can be safe when pregnant and driving? We know the basics, buckle up, don’t use our phone when driving, obey all traffic signals, being attentive to everything around us and maybe we can do a little extra by using a pregnant car seat belt extender!

Here in InOutCool, we offer this belt adjuster, to help you feel comfortable and keeping your focus in the road while driving.

One of the many benefits about this belt adjuster is that it doesn’t go over your belly, but it sits across the thighs, so, it will not make you feel uncomfortable when your belly starts growing. The belt is not movable and if fits all heights and shapes (extra points earned since I’m tiny!!!!)

There is no cover or cushion over the seat cushion for this belt, this is to make sure the seat heating or seat ventilation won’t be affected.

Let’s protect our unborn baby and ourselves, you can start using this belt once you are 3 months pregnant. Plus, it will be nice not to need to bend our heads one more time to make sure it was fastened, right?

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