Yoga helps alleviate depression by increasing brain chemicals that contribute to a natural physical high. Through the release of these chemicals, a depressed person can be lifted out of despair to feel more energized and cheerful. The research shown that people that engaged in doing yoga exercise are said to be delayed aging, be in shape, more energetic, and an improved quality of life. By detoxification the body, yoga exercises will stretch your muscles and massage different organs. Yoga exercise is a good exercise activity to lose weight. Yoga helps you burn fat by raising your heart rate, which will then cause an increase in your metabolism. Anyone interested in losing weight should know that a high metabolism plays a big role in weight loss.

Research has shown that people who lose at least 11% of their body weight will reduce their chances of a heart attack, high cholesterol, and of course make them look more attractive even if they have got a baby. These benefits should have you motivated to lose weight, and learning how to utilize yoga that will help.

Types of Yoga exercise you can do using mat.

The most beneficial yoga postures for depression are inverted poses.

The reason is that inverted yoga poses increase the flow of blood, oxygen and glucose to the brain. This facilitates the production of dopamine (associated with pleasure and reward), serotonin (regulates emotion, sleep and appetite) and nor-adrenaline (linked to arousal and alertness). People with depression are known to have lower levels of these chemicals in their brain. Through yoga these neurotransmitters are boosted, easing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

In addition, inverted poses can help eliminate underlying causes of depression. If practiced regularly, the shoulder stand, for example, helps regulate the thyroid. Correcting under-activity or over-activity of the thyroid helps maintain calmness and weight. The shoulder stand is also known to eliminate congestion in the lower abdomen, reduce varicose veins, shrink hemorrhoids and aid constipation (which can cause depression).

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Benefit of using 6MM Thick EVA comfort foam Yoga mat:

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These mats are available in different color, size and thickness. The thickness may be 0.2inch(beginner), length 68.1 * 24 inch etc. 6MM Thick EVA comfort foam Yoga mat is most important for your workout comfort and safety.

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