Mini Manicure Nail Buffer Filing Block

Up your nail game with this ergonomic, portable, easy-to-use filing block. Everyday we’re plagued with chemicals, water-induced plaque, dryness, etc. all of which can easily damage our nails, preventing them from being in their naturally shiny, smooth state. This sanding block is coated with millions of micro-excoriates that gently yet efficiently buffer your nails, ridding them of any unwanted grime and grit. The 90 degree edge of the block can also target the cuticles, gently sanding away any dead or hanging skin. Let’s get your beautiful nails back!


  • Eco-friendly foam, coarse plastic edges, wrapped in a high-grit sanding sheet
  • Sides are approximately 9.5 cm in length, 2.5 cm in width.
  • Use to buffer, sand, and smooth your nails, and nail beds.