Plastic clips for your Nails to remove UV gel

Would you like to change the color of your nails? Need help to remove old color? Here is a simple solution which makes it absolutely easy!!! 

This fast nail polish remover tool allows you to change nail polishes you like anytime, matching different dressing styles. Durable plastic nail art soak off clips provide lasting use and quickly remove various nail polish. The gel polish remover wrap nail tools are easy to operate for these flexible springs, opening them with a little strength. The slim profile helps to save your space, putting them into a drawer or box. Abundant gel nail polish cleaner clips are great for your replacement whenever you want. They are also reusable, saving your money. These acrylic nail art soak off clips are sleek and exquisite with a considerate anti-slip function inside to make these clips stay on your nails stably.
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  • suitable for professional nail art and personal home use; 
  • These soak off caps fit for removing nail polishes, UV gel, etc. 



1. Soak the pads with pure acetone.
2. Cover your artificial nails with the soaking pads.
3. Use this product to hold your wrapped nails.
4. Wait for at least 60 seconds to remove the nail polish. Package includes: 10 x Nail clips