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Kitchen Mini Faucet Tap Filter

Kitchen Mini Faucet Tap Filter

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A must item for home & office use! Kitchen Mini Faucet Tap Filter unit contains natural minerals that the human body needs, no secondary pollution. Magnetic components can filter the rust and harmful material such as heavy metal Ions, organic matter. Enjoy clean water with the help of this health tap water purifier. It can reduce and control the faucet water flow, to prevent splashes and save water.


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Soft rubber material leakproof docking ports, the interface of this filter is Round, Suitable for the hole of a Round and Long faucet, and Its applicable interface is 0.6 inch-0.8 inch in diameter. Spray nozzle for kitchen sink this unit produces a champagne effect flow that negates any splashback in the basin at the same time increasing wetting ability and performance.



Uniform size of filtering holes, can be at ease to use, don't have to worry about the splash. With this type of water filter, can make your household kitchen life more safe and healthy. Multilayer filtration makes the water cleaner. Delicate appearance, easy to install. It can be cleaned with mild soap to ensure the non-tarnish life shine.



  • Blackwater have started flowing out, this is normal, you can turn on the water for about 5-10 seconds, please read the instructions carefully and use the back of the baby
  • Avoid prolonged use in hot water, it is preferable to use at 50 degrees Celsius
  • Expiration date: Depending on the water quality may be in different places, We kindly recommended replacement per 2 months.


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