Luxury Fashionable Twins Baby Stroller


I´ll just shout out saying, this is the best stroller to order if you want nothing but the best for your adorable twins. It is made of finest materials and feature. They are of very high quality. You will take your twins out more often just because it will offer you a chance to play around with the stroller. The seat is uber-comfortable. The stroller has an aviation aluminum alloy frame. This makes it incredible sturdy without adding extra weight. All fabrics are machine washable and your stroller will looks fresh and clean for a very long time. It has an adjustable hand push and removable handrail. For the most important part, people love it.

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Age Range: 7-9M,13-18M,10-12M,2-3Y,0-3M,4-6M
Certification: 3C
Load Bearing: 25kgs, 55lb
Is Foldable: Yes
3C: Certificate number
Load Bearing: 15kg, 33lb
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Hand push: Adjustable
Hand rail: Removable
Max Width: 100cm, 39.3"
Application: 0-36 Months
Unfolded Dimension: 104 x 100 x 90 cm, 40.9" x 39.3" x 35.4" 

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks delivery.