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Pregnancy Belly Band
Pregnancy Belly Band
Pregnancy Belly Band
Pregnancy Belly Band
Pregnancy Belly Band

Pregnancy Belly Band

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This Pregnancy Belly Band is designed to support the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. These flexible support garments may provide many benefits to active women who are pregnant, especially during the second and third trimesters.



Knit-in anchor reinforces lift and redistributes weight to alleviate lower back pressure and reduces overall stress. X-shaped back support eases discomfort while encouraging proper posture keeping you motivated and energized. Seamless panels of varying compression create targeted support with a stretchy belly panel that expands as you grow. Moisture-wicking, the fast-drying fabric is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable.


The longline coverage of our Bellyband allows you to extend the life of your pre and post-pregnancy wardrobes by securing unbuttoned or ill-fitting skirts, jeans and pants. It also provides much-needed bump coverage under flowing tops. So easy to wear, it's the best money you could spend while pregnant.



Maternity magic was made when we created the first-ever Bellyband with built-in support. Slide the Bellyband over your bump and feel the relief as our patented supportive design smooths, secures and reduces stress on your ever-growing body. Plus, no need for a whole new maternity wardrobe as the bellyband allows you to keep on wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes.



  • Wrap the abdominal lift attachment around your waist. Position the pad so it is centered and under the abdomen.
  • Attach the belt to the pad and pull both elastic sides until the desired tension and attach the closure to the abdominal pad.
  • To help keep the support in place and keep from sliding down, stretch the top strap over your stomach and attach to the opposite
  • For even greater lift and support, with the support on, lay on your back with your knees up.

Size M      Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 27.5 - 39.3 inches,  70-100cm
Size L       Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 31.5 - 43.3 inches,  80-110cm
Size XL     Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 35.4 - 47.2 inches,  90-120cm
Size XXL    Suitable Abdominal Circumference: 39.3 - 51.1 inches, 100-130cm

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  • Material: COTTON
  • Department Name: Maternity
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth

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