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Pregnant Car Seat Clip
Pregnant Car Seat Clip
Pregnant Car Seat Clip
Pregnant Car Seat Clip
Pregnant Car Seat Clip
Pregnant Car Seat Clip

Pregnant Car Seat Clip

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Protect Your Unborn Baby While You Driving. This Revolutionary Tool Increases Your Comfort in the Car and SAFETY of Your Unborn Baby During Pregnancy. It is Easy to Install and Easy to Use, But Priceless in Safety Recommended by many Safety Experts in the USA.  
This Tool is not for sale in the traditional Stores.

  • Protects the unborn baby in the event of a crash or sudden stop
  • Converts your car’s standard seat belt into a safer, more comfortable personal restraint system
  • Patented design secures the seat belt at the leg, not across the belly where it can injure your baby.
  • Crash tested & engineered to be at least as strong as the standard seat belt.
  • It can be installed on any car seat & no matter your size, it works!
  • Most suitable for mothers three months into their pregnancy, all the way until the time the baby is born. 

Safe & Comfortable 

This Car Seat Clip makes the belt sit across your thighs, instead of over your belly, which causes much discomfort. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on driving, and pregnant passengers to ride more comfortably & safely. 



Love wearing a seat belt that FINALLY feels comfortable again! The pad is super soft and adjustable. This belt removes that uncomfortable pressure on your tummy … EVEN during your second and third trimesters.   


Reliable, Lab-Tested & Proven Effective 

The seat clip has been crash-tested to prevent your car's lap belt from “slamming” into your unborn baby at extreme speeds or damaging forces during a crash or sudden stop…


ZUWIT Bump Belt, Maternity Car Belt Adjuster, Comfort & Safety for Pregnant Moms Belly,

Most similar products may have a cover over the seat’s cushion, so it may prevent the seat heating or seat ventilation from working correctly. This seat belt clip will not affect the functionality of seat heating or seat ventilation.


So Easy to Install … It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes!

It's as easy as 1-2-3 for pregnant mothers to strap, unstrap, and re-strap each time when getting in or out of the car. It's convenient for daily use. The belt was designed in such a way that you won't need to bend your head down to see if it is strapped on or not. 


Perfect for Post Surgery Recovery

Aside from pregnant women, it is also suitable for people who've undergone abdominal surgery or cesarean section. It does not put pressure against cuts and wounds, allowing them to heal just as they should.   


A Small Piece of Insurance & A Lot of Peace of Mind! 

If you switch seats/cars a lot, (like from driver to passenger, or if you own 2 or more cars) we recommend buying 2, so you don't have to keep moving your belt. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 Stars rating from Buyers!!


Material Type: Polyester
Special Features: for pregnant
External Testing Certification: CCC
Item Length: 175cm
Item Type: Seat Belts & Padding

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