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Baby Safety Door Locks - InOutCool
Baby Safety Door Locks - InOutCool
Baby Safety Door Locks - InOutCool
Baby Safety Door Locks - InOutCool
Baby Safety Door Locks - InOutCool

The Best Door Stopper for Baby

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This best door stopper for baby prevents your child from being accidentally locked in a room or trapped or crushed in a closing door, clip it on the side of the above knob or the edge of the door, so your child couldn’t reach it finger pinch guard. It has a cartoon design, adorable and funny, brings enough fun to your child. 

It comes in a set of randomly mixed 5 pieces.

Delivery in 10 - 20 days!

 best door stopper for baby, finger pinch guard door stopper, child safety door stop


🌞 The unique C-shape design makes it easy to attach to any door.

🌞 It can fits doors with variable thickness. Made from a soft and flexible material, does no harm to the doors or frames.

🌞 Safety door stoppers can be easily installed and hold doors and windows.

🌞 May help prevent your little ones from getting their fingers pinched, jammed, injured, or accidentally locked out from closing and slammed the door.

🌞 They are also great for pets, cats, and dog owners to have for keeping doors open and allowing your animals to walk around the house freely.

🌞 Slide the stoppers onto the door you want at any height, preferably somewhere higher where your kids wouldn't be able to reach. It's easy to take them off and put them on. When not in use simply hang it around the doorknob or door handle. They are flexible and durable.



  • Material: EAV Foam 
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Packaging: 5 loading